Shift Intake
Computer Shift 1 60

Core Curriculum:

Semester I

  • 3300001 - Basic Mathemetics Download
  • 3300002 - English Download
  • 3300003 - Environment Conservation and Hazard Management Download
  • 3310701 - Computer programming Download
  • 3310702 - Fundamentals of Digital Electronics Download
  • 3310703 - Fundamental of Computer Application Download

Semester II

  • 1990001 - Contributor Personality Development Download
  • 3320002 - Advanced Mathematics Download
  • 3300005 - Basic Physics Download
  • 3320701 - Basic Electronics Download
  • 3320702 - Advanced Computer Programming Download
  • 3320703 - Static Web Page Designing Download

Semester III

  • 3330701 - Operating Systems Download
  • 3330702 - Programming in cpp Download
  • 3330703 - Database Management System Download
  • 3330704 - Data Structures Download
  • 3330705 - Microprocessor And Assembly Language Programming Download

Semester IV

  • 3340701 - Advanced Database Management System Download
  • 3340702 - Computer Networks Download
  • 3341603 - Fundamentals Of Software Development Download
  • 3340704 - DotNet Programming Download
  • 3340705 - Computer Organization And Architecture Download
  • 3340706 - Web Development tools Download

Semester V

  • 3350701 - Computer Maintenance And Trouble Shooting Download
  • 3350702 - Dynamic Web Page Development Download
  • 3350703 - Java Programming Download
  • 3350704 - Computer And Network Security Download
  • 3350705 - Multimedia And Animation Techniques Download

Semester VI

  • 3360701 - Advanced Java Programming Download
  • 3360702 - Professional practices using Database Download
  • 3360703 - Network Management And Administration Download
  • 3360704 - Mobile Computing And Application Download
  • 3360705 - Dynamic Webpage With Scripting Language Download
  • 3360706 - Advanced Web Technology Download
  • Ms. Hiral Patel

Hod's Message

Welcome to Department Of Computer Engineering.        

Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Department. Our goal is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs. Students are nurtured to become best software professionals.

The motto of our department is to provide quality education. The process of learning is extremely important in life. What you learn, how you learn and where you learn play a crucial role in developing ones intellectual capability, besides career.

Ms. Megha Jogiya
Lecturer C,C++,JAVA.
Ms. Chetana Ghantala
Lecturer C,.Net Programming
Ms.Heta Desai
Lecturer Computer
Ms Mukti Kapadia
Lab Assistant Computer Diploma
Ms.Jyoti Tamankar
Lecturer DBMS


The department has well equipped computer laboratories with latest PCs, Peripherals and devices. The software available includes various operating systems, compilers  and development tools. These software packages and tools are useful for laboratory work. 

The Computer Laboratory-1  has total of 20 computers. Apart from these major equipment, the department has switches to provide inter connectivity between various systems.


1 3320702 Advanced Computer Programming TURBO C
2 3341603 Fundamentals of Software Development EDRAW
3 3340704 .Net Programming VISUAL STUDIO 2010
3340706 Web Development Tools WORD PRESS,XAMPP SERVER, ALICE 3.1, DROPBOX



Computer Laboratory-2 is equipped with personal computers (core i3, 2 GB DDR3 RAM), Printers and Multimedia kits. Practicals based on subjects like Programming Languages, Object Oriented Programming, Data and information Security are carried out in these laboratory.

The Computer Laboratory-2  has total of 20 computers

1 3340702 Computer Netwark WINDOWS SERVER 2003/2008
2 3320703 Static Web Page Designing DREAM VIEWER
3 3340706 Web Development Tools WORD PRESS,XAMPP SERVER, ALICE 3.1, DROPBOX
4 3341603 Fundamentals of Software Development EDRAW

Images GTU Academic Calender(Even Term)
Start Date:December, 27th 2018
End Date:May, 20th 2019
Images Seminar On ENJOY YOUR EXAM
Start Date:December, 28th 2018
End Date:January, 20th 2019
Images Fresher Party-2018
Start Date:September, 1st 2018
End Date:September, 1st 2018
Images BMEF Job Fair-2018
Start Date:August, 24th 2018
End Date:August, 24th 2018
Images Thalassemia Test
Start Date:August, 23rd 2018
End Date:August, 23rd 2018
Images Health and Hygiene-2018
Start Date:August, 21st 2018
End Date:August, 21st 2018
Images Safety Awareness-2018
Start Date:August, 20th 2018
End Date:August, 20th 2018
Images Swachh Bharat-2018
Start Date:August, 18th 2018
End Date:August, 18th 2018
Images Donate to needy-2018
Start Date:August, 17th 2018
End Date:August, 17th 2018
Images Blood Donation Camp-2018
Start Date:August, 16th 2018
End Date:August, 16th 2018
Images Independence Day Celebration-2018
Start Date:August, 15th 2018
End Date:August, 15th 2018
Images Blood_ Donation_Camp
Start Date:July, 6th 2018
End Date:July, 6th 2018
Images Alumni_Meet
Start Date:July, 14th 2018
End Date:July, 14th 2018

1st Rank in Poster Presentation


Parth Golakiya, Dhruv Jariwala, Bhavik Kalsariya, Dhruvin Rakholiya, 4th semester students participated in Project Expo-2017  organized by BMEF on 1st March,2017 and got 1st rank in Poster Presentation.

They present poster on "Brain Inspired Artificial General Intelligence".


Project Fair-2017


Bhargav Patel and Swanil Variava, Students Of 6th Semester got 2nd rank in College level GTU project fair.


Runner up in Project Expo-2019


BMEF organised "Project Expo 2019" on 15th April,2019. Computer Department Of MSP Project was awarded best project with Cash Prize.