Shift Intake
Mechanical Shift I 120
C to D ( 2nd year) 12

Core Curriculum:

Semester I

  • 3300001 - Basic Mathemetics Download
  • 3300002 - English Download
  • 3300003 - Environment Conservation and Hazard Management Download
  • 3300004 - Engineering Physics Download
  • 3300007 - Basic Engineering Drawing Download
  • 3301901 - Engineering Workshop Practice Download

Semester II

  • 3320003 - Advance Mathemetics Download
  • 3300008 - Applied Mechanics Download
  • 3320004 - Basic of Civil Engineering Download
  • 3321901 - Mechanical Drafting Download
  • 3321902 - Material Science and Metallurgy Download

Semester III

  • 3330001 - Human Resource Management Download
  • 3331901 - Manufacturing Engineering-I Download
  • 3331902 - Thermodynamics Download
  • 3331903 - Fluid Mechanicas and Hydraulic Machines Download
  • 3331904 - Strength Of Material Download
  • 3331905 - Applied Electrical and Electronic Engineering Download
  • 3331906 - Computer Aided Machine Drawing Download

Semester IV

  • 3341901 - Manufacturing Engineering - II Download
  • 3341902 - Thermal Engineering - I Download
  • 3341903 - Theory Of Machines Download
  • 3341904 - Computer Aided Design Download
  • 3341905 - Metrology And Instrumentation Download
  • 3341906 - Plant Maintenance And Safety Download

Semester V

  • 3351901 - Thermal Engineering - II Download
  • 3351902 - Design Of Machine Elements Download
  • 3351903 - Manufacturing Engineering - III Download
  • 3351904 - Industrial Engineering Download
  • 3351905 - Estimating Costing And Engineering Contracting Download
  • 3351906 - Self Employement And Entrepreneurship Development Download
  • 3351908 - Project - I Download

Semester VI

  • 3361901 - Computer Aided Manufacturing Download
  • 3361902 - Tool Engineering Download
  • 3361903 - Industrial Management Download
  • 3361906 - Power Plant Engineering Download
  • 3361907 - Thermal Systems And Energy Effeciency Download
  • 3361910 - Project - II Download
  • Mr. Nitesh Sureshbhai Patel

Hod's Message

As men, materials and machines are interrelated, without machines work is tough, without proper materials machines are tough, without human ideas materials and machines are impossible. Hence our 3 year Mechanical engineering program works towards development of

1) New Ideas

2) Innovation in Machine design

3) Materials research and application

in every student who enters our department.

Mr. Nitesh Sureshbhai Patel
Head Of Department Strength Of Material ,Theory Of Machine
Mr.Mitesh Natvarlal Mistry
Lecturer Manufacturing Engineering - II , Tool Engineering
Mr. Akash Rajendrabhai Patel
Lecturer Metrology & Instrumentation , Industrial Management
Mr. Divyesh Chandrakant Patel
Lecturer Mechanical Drafting
Mr. Sahil Subhashbhai Navik
Lecturer Computer Aided Manufacturing , Plant Maintenance And Safety
Mr. Babu Kishorbhai Patel
Lecturer Power Plant Engineering , Computer Aided Design
Mr. Daivik Hiten Kothwala
Lecturer Applied Mechanics, Basic Engineering Drawing
Mr. Aditya Bharatbhai Patel
Lecturer Thermodynamics & Fluids Mechanics , Material Science & Metrology
Mr.Maulik Patel
Lecturer Thermal Engineering-I , Thermal Systems And Energy Efficiency
Mr. Rajendra Dhirajlal Panchal
Workshop Instructor Mechinest
Mr. Rameshbhai Maganbhai Patel
Workshop Instructor Fitter
Mr. Dharmesh Rajubhai Lad
Workshop Instructor Welder
Mr. Ojas Rajendrakumar Desai
Lab Assistant Diploma Mechanical
Mr. Harishbhai Laxmanbhai Pate
Workshop Instructor Carpenter

Strength Of Materials

Our approach at the SOM lab is to address the interdisciplinary challenges of providing knowledge about  stress and strain via a experiments. Our research spans from improving our understanding of basic material properties  developing components. Specific examples include characterization of shear force and bending moments in structure , development of compact  equipment, improving utilization of industry  friendly working material. The test laboratory is equipped for conducting coupled analytical and experimental investigations. 


Metrology & Instrumentation

This is the lab which is very important for the basic knowledge about the various instruments with facilities for the group of 10 students to carry out experiments independently. The lab is well equipped and enables students to understand the fundamentals of various measuring instruments.


Thermal Engineering - I

Our approach at the TEST Lab is to address the interdisciplinary challenges of providing clean energy and water via a multiscale approach. Our research spans from improving our understanding of basic transport phenomena, developing novel heat and mass transfer components, all the way to analyzing full thermal system integration and operation. Specific examples include characterization of coupled heat and mass transfer in microscale multiphase systems, development of compact heat transfer equipment, improving utilization of environmentally friendly working fluids, and the design and analysis of novel systems for harvesting thermal energy from renewable and waste heat streams. The TEST Laboratory is equipped for conducting coupled analytical and experimental investigations, with an end goal of the development of high impact, economically feasible, energy systems


Power Plant Engineering

This is the lab which is very important for the basic knowledge about the various power plan model with facilities for the group for their better knowledge. .  Students to understand the  various power plant like thermal power plane ,nuclear power plant ,wind power plant ,hydro power plant. Tidal power plant etc.


Manufacturing Engineering - II

 Maximizes efficiency by analyzing layout of equipment, workflow, assembly methods, and work force utilization. Determines parts and tools needed in order to achieve manufacturing goals according to product specification. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures in lab .Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks.

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